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I was born blind in Kingston Jamaica. Shorty after birth, I was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma. Because it was so rare to see this disease in a newborn baby, doctors at The University Hospital in Kingston, began doing exploratory surgeries. As a child, after one of the exploratory surgeries, I began to see. The doctors had no explanation for the sudden ability to see. However, I knew it was due to my grandmas prayers. My grandma prayed for me to regain my sight since the day I was born. There is no doubt in my mind the unexplainable success of the surgery was a direct result of her conversations with God. The doctors feared I would lose my sight again years later, so they recommended I be sent to the Salvation Army School for the Blind. Right before my 15th birthday, my mother passed away. This turned my world upside down. She was everything to me. But, God had a plan. Shortly after my mother died, I met a family on a mission’s trip that, against all odds, brought me to the United States with them.


In America, I attended Rockford Christian School in Rockford, IL. After graduating, I began working at the school leading worship for their weekly chapel. In 2003, I joined the staff at Heartland Community Church in Rockford. It was a young church that eventually grew to 6,000 in weekly attendance. I started as the student ministries worship leader and eventually, in 2012, I took the role of worship director church wide. In June of 2014, I was given the opportunity to lead worship for a youth conference ministries called Great Escape in Chattanooga, TN. During the one of the worship sets, I felt it on my heart to tell my story of healing to the students, intent on showing them the God we worship still does amazing things. After the story, the atmosphere of the room changed. The moment was unforgettable. This marked the first step in the journey of Lennox Barnett Ministries. After much prayerful consideration, I stepped out of my position at Heartland Community Church and began the full time pursuit of Lennox Barnett Ministries. 

Lennox Barnett Ministries exists to share hope by story and song, through my testimony of God’s continued miracles. I want to share with the world the hope that is found when we believe God for who he is, a miracle working God.

We minister to orphans, homeless, the hopeless, and the lost. As a product of a missions trip, the missions field is a significant part of our ministry in light of Matthew 19:20, the great commission.

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