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Summer Camp's Week 1: Camp Grace

Had an incredible time this past week at YFC Camp Grace for Middle Schoolers in Roberta, GA.

Saw God do some amazing things in over 180 students.

We love YFC camps.

Their planning team is very intentional with how they plan their music throughout the week. We started the week with only secular songs and each night added a worship song.

It was touching to see some of those kids go from excitedly shouting out an Ed Sheeran song to crying out some worship tunes. One of the big worship songs of the week was Cory Asbury’s “Reckless Love.” Such a powerful song.

This requirement of transitioning from secular to worship songs really gave us the opportunity to explain that music is a gift from God of emotional expression and if it came from God, we should give it back to him in the form of worship.

Then we got to watch them live it out. Towards the end of the week, they had a "solo time" after a very powerful teaching. In this time, they all spread throughout the camp and in complete silence, wrote a letter to God. They were also given the opportunity to verbally make a decision to follow Christ. They had the choice to say "Yes", "Yes again", or "Not Yet". They were given 15 minutes to sit alone in silence. The cue to shout out your decision was me and the guys starting an acoustic worship song in the middle of the students. When the first note rung out, a barrage of yes's rang through the air. It was incredible.

I love doing this stuff. I Love being able to paint a picture of God’s love and God’s grace through worship and watch the kids respond in ways that are transformational. They realize where true worship begins and how God fits perfectly in their life.

It’s been an incredible time and an incredible journey and now its on to week two at YFC Carolina Point in Brevard, NC with over 240 highschoolers.

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Please keep us in your prayers as we continue leading worship and sharing God's love.

-Lennox Barnett

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