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Our First Residents

Hope Story Mission House

We're Open!!!

Thanks for your AMAZING generosity!

Because of YOU the boys have started their journey with Hope Story Mission.  They're settling into the program, learning how to take care of the fish & chickens, and have planted their very own garden.

Dinner Table_edited.png
1 CJ Headshot_edited.jpg


CJ is a hard worker, loves to play the drums and has a huge servant's heart.  He is passionate about working with the chickens and fish on our sustainable farm.


Samatine loves to help others, does very well in school, loves taking pictures and apprentices CJ with the fish and chickens.

2 Samatine Headshot_edited.jpg
3 Ralph Headshot_edited.jpg


Ralph has a passion for art and drawing, loves to work in the kitchen and is a great all around helper.


Peter loves photography and is very interested in learning about technology.  He wants to someday pursue a career in computer science.

4 Peter Headshot_edited.jpg
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